About us

We are Carola and Sören.

We live in Hannover, in the disctrict of Linden-Sued. Correct, therefore the name of the blog, in which we are mainly writing about our journeys (being out of Linden-Sued).

So we guess you know what is the main topic of this blog: Travelling.

Travelling is our passion for many years. Travelling means to us discovering new locations, exploring new horizons and especially leaving the daily routine behind us for a certain time.

Our journeys of the last years have mainly brought us to different European countries. In 2015 we decided to do our first long-distance journey and travelled to Seychelles. What a dream! From this time we were infected by the travel bug for long distance destinations. 2016 we travelled to Thailand and in 2017 we travelled to Mauritius where we got secretly married.

We bring a lot of experiences an nice photographs with us from our journeys which we want to share with you. Therefore we got the idea of creating this blog.

Have fun on TwoGetAround!